‘Justified’ Post Mortem with EP Graham Yost
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Here’s the weekly post mortem for Justified and I’ll include the parts that include Shelley’s character, Jackie Nevada.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What of the story is from Elmore’s novel?
GRAHAM YOST: Jackie Nevada was a character in that book.

We’ve talked before about Raylan’s weakness for pretty women, with Lindsey. Jackie gave him a nice chance to address that.
That’s a chunk from the book that Tim [Olyphant] wanted to try to get in last year, and we couldn’t fit it in. So it’s been a target for quite some time.

Any chance of seeing Jackie again?
I don’t know, maybe. We’ll see what the audience says. Shelley was great.

In the end, when Raylan told Art that Jackie wasn’t interested in him as she was disrobing to shower, was he just being self-deprecating for Art’s sake or did he believe that she’d just been flirting to distract him so he wouldn’t realize she’d stolen the money that Jody and Kenneth had tried to collect?
We just honestly want the audience to be wondering and have a question. We filmed stuff of Raylan getting in the shower with her.

You did?
We did. And maybe it will end up on the DVD extras. When it came to it, we just sorta thought it’s cooler for our hero to get the win by shooting the bad guy but not necessarily get the girl. Let’s just have him weary at the edge of the bed and having to go off and see his father. That was the choice we made.

So to be clear: He did not get in the shower with her offscreen.
Well, did he?

That’s up to you. That’s your choice. That’s a fair choice.

Awesome praise and *FINGERS CROSSED* we see Shelley pop back up on Justified with Tim because the pair had really great chemistry. Ok, now I am really mad that they didn’t show that on the screen. WHY must you tease me Graham? And now I have to get the DVD when it comes out hoping that that scene made it on the disc! Ugh, they are such a tease.

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  1. Ryan says:

    You and me both! I really enjoyed Shelley on the episode of ‘Justified’, though I’d loved to have seen the unused shower scene footage. It’d be great if they do include it on the Season 4 DVD extras. I’d certainly be very tempted to purchase it if they did!

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