Shelley on Wolf Watch
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Shelley, Bianca Lawson & Leon Thomas III were guests on MTVs Wolf Watch hosted by Jill Wagner. Following episodes of Teen Wolf you can see what the actors thought about it and chime in as well. Unfortunately it cannot be embeded but definitely watch it when you get a chance and I’ll upload caps one of these days… soon I will have caps of Shelley in the latest Teen Wolf episode… YAY Malia is BACK! To see the video click here.

‘Teen Wolf’ 3×14 – More bad Than Good captures added…
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I’ve added 98 captures from the latest episode of MTV’s hit drama Teen Wolf which Shelley has joined in the role of Malia. She appears to be a were but we’ll see what happens in the weeks to come. So make sure you check out the gallery for our newest additions and I will be adding the rest of Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous captures as well as promotional images!

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- Sultry Shelley Online > Television Productions > Teen Wolf > 3×14 – More Bad Than Good

Shelley’s headed to MTV’s hit drama ‘Teen Wolf’
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Are you ready? MTV wants to stay in business with Ms. Hennig! Here’s the brief via E! Online…

Something wicked is heading to Beacon Hills!

The Secret Circle‘s Shelley Hennig is set to appear on the upcoming season of Teen Wolf, E! News has exclusively confirmed. Hennig, who played the coven leader Diana on the shortlived CW cult-drama, is joining the MTV hit series, which returns on Jan. 6, in a top-secret, highly guarded role. Seriously, if we spilled any details, we’re pretty sure the Kanima, Deucalion and all of the show’s other big bads would team up against us.

Since The Secret Circle’s cancellation, Hennig made a memorable guest appearance on FX’s Justified opposite Timothy Olyphant and costarred on MTV’s Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.

To read the full article, click here.

Shelley cast in ‘Scout’!
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HUGE Thanks goes out to Mr. W, for always being so flippin’ amazing. The following was released a few days ago but better late than never. Shelley will be starring in a coming of age dramaedy titled, Scout. Read more below.

“Treme” regular India Ennenga will star in coming of age dramedy “Scout” opposite Nikki Reed, Danny Glover and Ellen Burstyn.

Laurie Weltz (“Wresting with Alligators”) is directing from her own script. James Frecheville, Onata Aprile and Shelley Hennig will also star.

Scout,” in the vein of “Juno,” centers on a rebellious, slightly bad-ass Goth girl (Ennenga) who convinces a suicidal young man (Frecheville), to go on a road trip with her across Texas to track down her little sister (Aprile) who’s been taken from her great-grandmother’s (Burstyn) home. Glover portrays a Texas Ranger.


MTV Cancels ‘Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous’
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It has been made official today that MTV is cancelling the short-lived series which Shelley was initially a part of. Here’s the story from Deadline.

It is one season and out for Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, MTV‘s half-hour series starring rising young comedian Bo Burnham, who tweeted about the show’s demise yesterday. “We are huge fans of Bo Burnham and the entire creative and talented team behind Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous,” MTV said in a statement. “After careful consideration of many factors, we have ultimately decided not to move forward with an additional season of the series. We wish Bo, the cast and the entire production crew the very best.”

To read more, click here.

‘Justified’ Money Trap Captures Added
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I’ve added a little over 300 captures of Shelley on the FX hit drama Justified as Jackie Nevada. Shelley looked gorgeous as the college grad student who was house sitting for a friend whose former husband comes looking for money stashed at her place. Raylan gets a little protective and wants to escort Jackie to her home so that she’ll be safe. Little does he know Jackie’s sorority sister’s, Katrina’s, former hubby Jody is in her house! Raylan comes back and saves the day and decides to keep Jackie with him so nothing like that can happen again. It was a great episode and I really do hope Shelley pops up again as this character. Jackie Nevada was also a part of Raylan: A Novel by popular writer, Elmore Leonard.

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- Sultry Shelley Online > Television Productions > Guest Star Appearances > 2013 – Justified

‘Justified’ Post Mortem with EP Graham Yost
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Here’s the weekly post mortem for Justified and I’ll include the parts that include Shelley’s character, Jackie Nevada.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What of the story is from Elmore’s novel?
GRAHAM YOST: Jackie Nevada was a character in that book.

We’ve talked before about Raylan’s weakness for pretty women, with Lindsey. Jackie gave him a nice chance to address that.
That’s a chunk from the book that Tim [Olyphant] wanted to try to get in last year, and we couldn’t fit it in. So it’s been a target for quite some time.

Any chance of seeing Jackie again?
I don’t know, maybe. We’ll see what the audience says. Shelley was great.

In the end, when Raylan told Art that Jackie wasn’t interested in him as she was disrobing to shower, was he just being self-deprecating for Art’s sake or did he believe that she’d just been flirting to distract him so he wouldn’t realize she’d stolen the money that Jody and Kenneth had tried to collect?
We just honestly want the audience to be wondering and have a question. We filmed stuff of Raylan getting in the shower with her.

You did?
We did. And maybe it will end up on the DVD extras. When it came to it, we just sorta thought it’s cooler for our hero to get the win by shooting the bad guy but not necessarily get the girl. Let’s just have him weary at the edge of the bed and having to go off and see his father. That was the choice we made.

So to be clear: He did not get in the shower with her offscreen.
Well, did he?

That’s up to you. That’s your choice. That’s a fair choice.

Awesome praise and *FINGERS CROSSED* we see Shelley pop back up on Justified with Tim because the pair had really great chemistry. Ok, now I am really mad that they didn’t show that on the screen. WHY must you tease me Graham? And now I have to get the DVD when it comes out hoping that that scene made it on the disc! Ugh, they are such a tease.

Please Excuse Our Appearance
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As of right now I’m going to have this little… design up for a few days before I bring back the beautiful design from my darling friend Megan. So bare with me as I know you’ll be like WTF with this new switcheroo? It’ll be over quick and painless very soon.

Shelley on FX hit series Justified! Episodic Stills…
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Sorry for the late update but I was just made aware of it via a good friend of mine. Shelley was on tonight’s Justified episode titled Money Trap and here are a couple of stills of her as Jackie Nevada. How stunning does she look? I am so proud of her and this is great exposure. I’m incredibly sorry that I couldn’t give you a head’s up. Soon I will also have captures from the episode.

Gallery Link:
- Sultry Shelley Online > Television Productions > Guest Star Appearances > Episodic Stills > 4.07 | 2013 – Justified | Money Trap

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Today is our Darling Shelley's birthday. We hope she has a wonderf

ul day and here's to an exciting year ahead for Ms. Shelley Hennig!


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